Dried Mushroom - 1.75 oz

Dried Mushroom - 1.75 oz

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Our generous 1.75 ounce portion of dried mushrooms usually rehydrates back to about 10 to 12 ounces of rich and flavorful mushrooms - for use in dishes like soups or ramen, egg based dishes, risotto, or pasta dishes.

Rehydrating the mushrooms for use is easy! Soak the mushrooms in lukewarm water until softened – We like to recommend at least thirty minutes before using them – and don’t discard the liquid! You can use the liquid in your dish as an umami bomb, or you can jar it and stick it in the fridge for a future meal - that is magical water!

All of our mushrooms are grown in our indoor urban farm in Lake County, IL on wood-based substrate, with no pesticides, chemicals or fillers. 

Our packaging for this item is:

Recyclable- LDPE-4
High barrier EVOH coating
Airtight, resealable zipper
Recycle/Ready– Doesn’t pollute the recycle stream
Approved by SPC (Sustainable Packaging Coalition)

This pouch is made from 4 mil PE mono material and features a high barrier EVOH coating. This coating won't contaminate the recycle process, while still providing the best barrier protection. It is designed to hold 8-12 oz of dry goods like popcorn, cookies, pasta, grains, and more. Recycle/ready.