Lion's Mane Powder 2 oz.

Lion's Mane Powder 2 oz.

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It's no surprise that this functional mushroom physically resembles the organ that it benefits the most - the brain!  Our lion's mane (hericium erinaceus) mushrooms are cultivated and processed by hand in small batches at our urban farm.  

Lion's Mane powder is a quick and relatively easy way to help promote growth of nerve and neurological pathways, and is being studied for reversal of the effects of neurological disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

This mushroom is an incredible powerhouse supporting the following:

  • Cognition and Mood - Two active neurotropic compounds found in Lion's Mane - hericenones and erinacines are being heavily researched for their ability to improve memory and mild cognitive impairment, anxiety and symptoms of depression.
  • Immune System - Our body's natural response to harmful situations and stimuli is inflammation, and compounds found in lion's mane help to regulate our body's inflammation response, which prevents chronic conditions.  Lion's mane has also been shown to increase our antioxidant levels, which may combat any number of processes related to aging, cancers, and immune system deficiencies.
  • Nervous System - Lion's mane has been shown to stimulate production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) proteins.  This alleviates neuropathy, pain, and has been shown to regenerate the nervous system.
  • Digestive System - Lion's mane is also rich in beta-glucans (31%) - which is a form of soluble fiber, that can balance the gut microbiome, regulate blood sugar and assist with gastric inflammation.  Lion's mane is also a fantastic prebiotic and a good cuddler during thunderstorms.

Suggested Use: 1 tsp (1/2 g) daily added to smoothies, coffee, elixirs or teas as a daily supplement.  Also great to use as a umami and flavor enhancement in soups, stews, sauces and the like. We've found no application that we did not like for this extremely versatile powder. 

All functional mushrooms are similar in that they all support our immune system!