Long Distance Farm Share - PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!

Long Distance Farm Share - PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!

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There is something beautiful about being able to feed your community. One of the greatest joys of working Farmer's Markets is the ability to connect and share ideas, recipes and commune with the folks that our products will be feeding.

Similarly, I am also instantly happier when I am boxing up a Future Farm to ship off to some far flung part of the country, because it means some small version of our efforts are being received and felt in places we cannot touch.

With that being said, I'd like to offer an opportunity to receive fresh mushrooms by mail  in the form of our Future Farm, [which is a block from our farm that you grow in your home] as well as generous portions of the latest varieties being grown at Golden Gills HQ, but in dried form!  

This would be in the form of monthly subscription, where your card would be charged on a recurring monthly basis, and thereby, you shall receive:

  • 1 Future Farm - (Dealer's Choice/Rotating Monthly) 
  • 3 oz. Dried Mushrooms - A handsome amount of our dried mushroom varieties - (Dealer's Choice/Rotating Monthly.
  • Our subscribers will also be the first to have other treats like mushroom powders for use as tea, umami builder, soup stock, smoothies, etc. as new products become available. 
  • Recipes will be included in your Farm Share, delivered to your doorstep.
Available for subscription!  PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!
Our Commitment to sourcing sustainable supplies.


Our Future Farm outer packaging supplier made it their mission to increase efforts to offer packaging that’s as good for the planet as it is for business. All packaging is printed in the US.  


2 Trees Planted for Every 1 Used 
100% Safe for the Earth Our water-based ink
100% Recycled Fluting The amount of recycled content in each box.

OUR PAPER | Our Future Farm box suppliers' corrugated material is 100% recyclable.  Their local paper supplier is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) who certifies that any products that come from a forest has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible, and economically viable manner.  They are also a member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  Our Future Farm box suppliers' recycled content ranges from 10% to 45% depending on the paper type.  All inner fluting is from 100% recycled material.

OUR INK | Our Future Farm box suppliers are also proud to offer water-based, nontoxic, low VOC ink. As a water-soluble solution, we know when a corrugated box is recycled, unwanted substances aren't entering the waste and water supply.  This ink has earned an ECOLOGO certification and meets environmental criteria throughout its entire life cycle - from production to disposal.

OUR PARTNERS | Our Future Farm box suppliers are proud supporters of TreesCharlotte, a non-profit group dedicated to planting and preserving tress.  Working primarily through volunteer efforts, TreesCharlotte focuses on caring for underserved communities in and around Charlotte, NC.

Our packaging for our dried mushrooms is:
               Recyclable- LDPE-4
               High barrier EVOH coating
               Airtight, resealable zipper
               Recycle/Ready– Doesn’t pollute the recycle stream
               Approved by SPC (Sustainable Packaging Coalition)
This pouch is made from 4 mil PE mono material and features a high barrier EVOH coating. This coating won't contaminate the recycle process, while still providing the best barrier protection. It is designed to hold 8-12 oz of dry goods like popcorn, cookies, pasta, grains, and more. Recycle/ready.